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    How to develop a fragrance

    How to develop a fragrance

    Whether you are developing a fragrance for perfume or for cleaning products the process remains consistent

    It always begins with you creating a brief

    The brief is the blueprint for the scent, effectively the story you wish your fragrance to tell. It will include any inspiration or vision that you have for it, any key olfactive elements you wish it to encompass as well as the cost target you are trying to achieve.

    You then look at potential directions you can take the fragrance based on the brief

    Whether you are working with a trained perfumer or you are developing the fragrance yourself it is always good to try and relate the direction you’re thinking of taking back to who your target customer is in order to make it relevant and appealing.

    Once you have your direction established you can move into trials

    This is the most iterative part of the process. You work to refine the fragrance through trial and error, adapting the fragrance by tweaking the components until you arrive at the desired fragrance. All the while throughout this process you need to remain conscious of the cost target you are trying to achieve as some ingredients may not be economically viable to use.

    Now you’re ready for production

    Now the fragrance is finalised you can push it into bulk production ready for it to be used in whatever product you’re developing.