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    Making the most of your ZYZX candle

    Making the most of your ZYZX candle

    The first burn

    You need a good candle memory. Ensure that on the first burn the candle is left until the full top layer of wax is liquified. By having this memory it ensures that the candle will continue to burn all the way to the edges instead of tunnelling and leaving wasted wax on the edges.

    Trim the wick

    Wicks need to be short in order to ensure you do not have an ashy flame. After each burn snip the wick to around 30mm (if possible). By starting each burn with a short wick you will ensure that you get a consistent and ash-free burn.

    Burn session

    Only burn your candle for a few hours at a time (2-3 hours we recommend). You don't want the jar to overheat which could damage your candle.

    Things to remember

    1. Don't leave the candle unattended when you're into a burn session. 
    2. Keep the candle away from children, pets, and curtains.
    3. Stop burning when there is only a thin layer of wax left. 
    4. You can reuse the candle glass - add some warm water, scoop out the remains, give it a hand wash and it's good to go for its next life as a plant pot, ornament or cocktail glass.