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    Things you can do to make working from home great

    Things you can do to make working from home great

    Working from home is a dream for some people and a nightmare for others. If you fall into the category of people who struggle to adjust to working from home, here are some simple yet practical tips and tricks that will make you fall in love with working from home.

    Create routines

    Whether you like to admit it or not, routines are the backbone of our life. They help us stay on track, get things done, and make us more productive.
    One of the best things you can do to make working from home great is create routines. You should create routines for both your work schedule and your personal life to make working from home great.
    Create a morning routine similar to the one you had when you worked in the office, have set work hours, and an evening routine that allows you to relax and unwind.
    Even getting in the habit of going for a short walk every work day when you would have normally gone for a coffee break is a great way to normalise working from home.

    Get dressed for work

    A lot of people find it difficult to get in the groove of working from home. They feel sluggish and lack the motivation to get the most out of the day. Carpe diem springs to mind.
    Getting dressed in your work clothes and treating your home office like your physical office is one of the best ways to overcome that mental hurdle. And let's be honest, getting caught out on a Zoom whilst in your PJs is not chic.
    It is amazing how one small change can shift your mindset, make you more productive, and make your working from home experience more enjoyable.

    Have a dedicated work area

    You need physical separation between your work area and your personal area when working from home.
    Choose a spot in your home (ideally outside your bedroom) and make it your work area. The only thing you do in that area (space permitting) of your home is work. When the workday is over, you leave that spot and don't return until your next shift. If the space you spot you have has multiple purposes and you cannot avoid it then a good hack is to pack away all your work stuff into a drawer so it’s not in sight.
    To make your work area enjoyable, you should decorate it and make it personal. You can even get away with adding interior design elements that wouldn't be allowed in a traditional office environment.
    You can light a candle with a fragrance that energises you, get an intoxicating room spray or fill a vase with fresh cut flowers to make the ambience of your working space more enjoyable.

    Schedule virtual catch ups with colleagues

    Socialising with colleagues is one of the biggest things people miss about working in a physical office.
    If you miss your colleagues, make the effort and schedule a virtual hangout with them. This helps mimic the water cooler effect and keeps you connected with your colleagues, builds relationships and informs you as to what is going on in the wider company.
    Scheduling virtual meetings during times you would have normally socialised with your colleagues is a great way to mimic traditional office life.
    If you used to go out for coffee with your colleagues every Friday lunch, schedule a quick virtual meeting on Friday during your coffee break.
    Not yet comfortable to go back to the pub? Plan a virtual hangout, everybody can order takeout from the same restaurant and make drinks at home.
    There are countless fun ways you can make working from home just as social as working in the office as long as you put in the effort and connect with your colleagues.