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    Urban jungle-ing: integrating plants into your interior

    Urban jungle-ing: integrating plants into your interior

    The coronavirus pandemic has forced many of us to spend more and more time indoors than ever before in our lives. This, in turn, has meant that people have started to seek ways to turn their homes into cosier, more comfortable, and more beautiful spaces.
    One way to achieve this is by incorporating plants and flowers into your home décor. The benefits of being surrounded by greenery are many, as are the ways in which you can achieve this in your own home.
    Keen to find out more? Read our guide below!

    Benefits of indoor plants

    Decorating your house with potted plants and flowers isn’t just a great way to make your living spaces more beautiful. The benefits of indoor plants, in fact, are far-reaching.
    For example, incorporating plants into your home can help to enhance the overall air quality of your interiors. This happens because plants help to reduce harmful gases such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can damage our health. NASA even went as far as to demonstrate that plants can get rid of 87% of toxins from the surrounding air, including those that are released by common household cleaning products.
    Enjoying cleaner air also means that you manage to breathe more easily. Because plants undergo the process known as photosynthesis (absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen), they boost oxygen levels in your home.
    More great advantages of a house full of greenery are calmer heart rate, lower blood pressure, and reduced muscle tension. Plants can also decrease feelings such as fatigue, and conditions such as recurring headaches, colds, and coughs.
    But there’s even more to indoor plants than physical benefits: research, in fact, has revealed that having plants around the house can enhance your mood and help you better manage symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.
    And if you, like millions of other people now, are working from home, you should definitely consider adding a few plants to your home office area. This, in fact, has been proven to boost focus, concentration, and motivation, thus making you more productive and creative.

    Tips and inspiration

    Now that you know some of the most incredible benefits of having plants around the house, why not start adding them to every room?
    If you are a newbie, don’t be afraid to start simple. A beautiful pot of succulents, or even a terrarium, can quickly become the centrepiece of any room.
    Then, try to build your way up to incorporating more indoor plants in rooms that you usually wouldn’t think of, such as your bathroom or your bedroom. A gorgeous, fragrant plant can immediately elevate the most subtly-designed room.
    Are you concerned about maintenance? Cacti and succulents are your friends. With incredibly easy upkeep, these plants deliver all the wonderful benefits that we talked about, while requiring minimal effort from your side.
    Once you feel more comfortable with how to choose and keep your indoor plants, it’s time to select something large and truly stunning, like a fig, a fern, or a palm. Place them in a bright corner of your living room or kitchen, and they will radiate beauty and calm across the entire room.
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