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    A place like nowhere – ZYZX was founded in 2020 to create and develop products that transport you to a place which is unique to yourself. Your emotions, memories and experiences unite with our products to deliver you to a place like no other. 

    London based ZYZX is a fresh and modern luxury brand with big ambitions. We are working fast to expand our range of products and offer additional product categories. Soon we will be launching additional home fragrance products such as room sprays and textile perfume in addition to developing products in categories such as personal fragrance and certain cosmetic niches.


    As a brand ZYZX is proud in striving to be as sustainable as possible. This is why we make choices such as using sustainable ingredients over ones that aren’t and why we decide not to wrap our outer packaging in cellophane like many other brands do. 

    We are committed to strive for constant improvement in how sustainable we are and our societal impact. For this very reason we follow a framework that is centred around ESG principles.